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Friday, December 21, 2007

A Special Train Ride with Santa and Teacher Mary

For Gabe's 4th Birthday in May, Teacher Mary offered to take him on a special Christmas train ride with Santa in December. Here they are enjoying themselves right after cookies and hot chocolate. Merry Christmas to all!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Gabe's Christmas Party & Song Show Recital Thingy
Here's Gabe dressed as a snowman (so cute!) with Jack and Tyler in front of his classroom just after the show.
Gabe is the 2nd snowman from the left in the front row.
Jack tried on the costume for fun.

The Mutha Hubba
An early Christmas Present to the boys

Christmas Cookies - 2007

Today we made Christmas cookies. Not for Santa, just to eat - right before lunch. We had a blast. It was so fun to let the kids go for it. I let them eat whatever they wanted...even if it was frosting straight from the container. We played Christmas music and Daddy even came out to enjoy it for awhile right smack in the middle of his work day! So fun. Merry Christmas everyone.

Winter Activites - 2007Mommy putting on Gabe's ice skate at the rink
This year, Gabe became a pretty good skater. Mostly, we were so proud that he never got discouraged after falling...not even once!!
Gabe, the happy skater
Jack and Daddy playing games
Getting better and better...
Jack offered Gabe lots of support and encouragement
Jack also improved a lot this year and is a very confident skater
Daddy showed Gabe that everybody falls sometimes
All of us on a (very cold) hike with G-Pa and J-Ma
Here we are at the Oxnard Parade of Lights (Tyler's with Jamie the babysitter)
The Parade of Lights with G-Pa & J-Ma
Light Sabers at The Parade of Lights
The Finding Nemo Boat - so pretty!!
Checking out Santa's sleigh - Mr. Claus must be sleeping
Gabe at the skating rink
Jack at the skating rink

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