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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lost Summer Photos
Here are some old photos I found on our old camera today. They're worthy of a posting. First, Jack dancing while listening to Daddy's i-Pod - hilarious! Next, Tyler swinging. This is the way he swings and it used to worry Mommy. Now, the swings are over grass, so I'm OK with it. Last, a photo of Gabe with his name. He wrote it himself for the first time!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fire 2007
Geoff and I were up through the night last night listening to the 60 mph wind rushing through our backyard. Around 5:00am, there was a sudden electrical flash as this small mountain ("Rabbit Hill") a couple of blocks from our house went up in flame. These top two photos are of the kids playing outside today at 3:00pm, that color in the sky is the result of all the fires in the area. It's still very windy and almost 80 degrees.