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Friday, September 14, 2007

Another Trip to the Long Beach Aquarium
We love to go to the Long Beach Aquarium. There is so much to do both inside the facility and out and about along the seaside by the lighthouse. It's truly enjoyable everytime, AND it's educational (Ha! I have to say that because we're home-schooling now).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Millikans Do Lake Tahoe
J-Ma & G-Pa Millikan participated in a bike ride around Lake Tahoe last Sunday and we were so happy to have the chance to join them for the entire weekend. This is only a sampling of all the photos we took. It was SO hard to choose the pix to share since we did so many fun things. We will certainly be going back there again. It was absolutely gorgeous. As a side note - CONGRAGULATIONS to Greg and Joyce. The bike ride was "not a race", however they did manage to beat their own personal timing goal. Yay!

our carry-ons

Tyler has a new favorite thing to do in the bath. Before the tub fills up all the way, he likes to lay on the bottom of the tub and let the bubbles float alongside his face. Here are some pictures of him doing his new trick.

Jack Catches His Bubbles

...and dumps a lot of water on himself! It's been so SUPER hot here for the last week or two, "waterplay" is our middle name.

Early in the morning on August 28th, there was a full Lunar eclipse. This is Geoff and the boys getting ready to see it with our telescope. After this shot (7:00pm), everyone went to bed, so Geoff was the only one to actually see it. He said it was neat.