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Friday, April 20, 2007

Some photos from our "hike" yesterday. The kids (and we) love to take the bikes with Tyler in the backpack into the mountains. We do similar hikes quite often. Geoff and I both panic at the sight of them pedaling as fast as they can downhill on gravel roads. Skinned knees and arms, here we come!

The other day, the Easter Bunny realized he forgot to include these pinwheels in the boy's Easter baskets! So, "he" brought them out as a fun surprise and the boys ran around the yard for a couple of hours (not kidding) with them. It reminded me of some sort of old fashioned movie or something (ahhhh, back to the days of simple pleasures). Because it's so rare to see kids enjoying simpler gifts, I had to document it. What fun to be a child again.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Jawbreaker alert! Daddy went on a ski trip over the weekend and returned with treats! Yaaay! Today, as a reward for something, I gave the boys a choice of 50 cents or a jawbreaker. They chose the jawbreaker (obviously). You've never seen such happy boys. Unfortunately, Gabe lost his under the stove directly after this photo was taken. Oh well, he was happy with a replacement mint.

Here's a pic of Tyler with his friend Avonli. She was over to play today...they raided the snack cabinet.