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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here's the pool part of our Easter weekend in Pasadena. It was HOT, HOT, HOT there so we were happy to have remembered that J-Ma & G-Pa have a blow-up pool stored away in the garage...what relief from the heat!

Tyler looking funny with the hose
The boys got a whirlpool going...Tyler thought it was hilarious, and G-Pa thought THAT was hilarious.
Jack-6, Gabe-4, Tyler-23 months
More whirlpool
The other fun activity was running and jumping in
This was Tyler right after his first "jump", which was more like a climb over the side of the pool and then a topple in (much colder than he expected, I think!)
Jack taking a jump
Three sweet boys
Gabe is waiting his turn in the background - I think it's funny the way he's standing.
Here's a shot of Tyler's "jump"
Wow, Gabe - that looks worth the wait!
Suddenly, they spot a bee on the side of the pool
The end...of the pool...for the day...


Blogger Teacher Mary said...

All the pictures are so cute. They sure do not like bees! They look like they had tons of fun until the bee arrived. It has been quite hot lately so it was great the G-Ma & G-Pa had a pool packed away for the kids. I know how much they love to jump and play in the water!
Did you buy a new one yet for your house??? I am glad that you all had such a wonderful Easter holiday in Pasadena. Lots of Love and Prayers!

8:49 PM, March 26, 2008


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