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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Bikes
So, bikes are our big thing right now. Jack got a new bike last weekend after he outgrew his old one. It's super shiny and he just adores it. I wish you could have heard him exlaim "it's RED!" when we pulled it out of the box. He is completely thrilled over it. Gabe inherited Jack's old bike so we refurbished it for him with a kick-stand, new tires and a water bottle. Bless Gabe's heart - as far as he's concerned, he has a special new bike, too. The truck is Tyler's version of a bike - it has been for a long time. He pushes it all around town - and believe me, anyone who's ever gone on a "walk" with us knows, that is NO JOKE!


Anonymous Teacher Mary said...

WOW-Jack's bike looks great! I know that Gabe loves his "new" bike as much as Jack loves his!
Tyler is getting so big-how much does he weigh now? Gotta come over to visit with Jerry so he can see how the yard looks & take a peek at the raised bed!

12:45 PM, February 27, 2008


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