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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Day - Part I
At Grandpa Dick & Grandma Vera's

"Santa" came ! The boys enjoyed opening their gifts and stockings while we adults sat and watched, trying to wake up. It's fun to just get right into it since Mommy likes opening presents in jammies. "Santa" is in quote marks because Geoff and I are working hard at letting the kids believe in Santa without lying to them. We ended up saying things like , "you guys can't sleep out by the tree tonight because the 'Santa Group' will be coming in there to leave your gifts". Jack and Gabe had been sleeping in the living room during the first part of our trip and he says to me one night, "Mommy, I figure I've got an excellent chance of seeing Santa while I'm sleeping here...probably about a 100%". Isn't that sweet? Regardless, the boys slept elsewhere on Christmas Eve.


Anonymous Teacher Mary said...

There is nothing in the world more fun than watching little kids come out Christmas morning and see underneath the tree carpeted in presents and then just digging in and opening them up! I just love to watch it!

12:14 PM, December 31, 2007


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