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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Cookies - 2007

Today we made Christmas cookies. Not for Santa, just to eat - right before lunch. We had a blast. It was so fun to let the kids go for it. I let them eat whatever they wanted...even if it was frosting straight from the container. We played Christmas music and Daddy even came out to enjoy it for awhile right smack in the middle of his work day! So fun. Merry Christmas everyone.


Anonymous Teacher Mary said...

I am very sure that this was Jack's favorite day of that week--as he is a candy-holic! When Gabe and I went on the train he told us several time to remember to bring him back candy! Gabe, was really good and did not forget! It is lots of fun to let them just go wild with things sometimes! Sounds like it was a ton of fun for everyone. I love all the pics!

8:14 PM, December 22, 2007


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