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Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch 2007
On our way
Tyler posing with corn and pumpkins
Tyler & Mommy waving at Jack while he...

---does this!
Here's Gabe jumping, too.
Jack - so high!
Checking out the bountiful harvest
All 3 boys chasing baby chickens
Gabe with a goat
Tyler was very interested in the lazy pig
...not to mention this "goat walk" that he got on himself
Tyler with goat
Gabe hangs with his baby chicken
Mommy & Gabe with the baby chicken
Gabe's a little fascinated with things like this
Jack with his "catch"
Tyler feeding a goat...we were so impressed with how patient our little guy was
Jack feeding the goats
Gabe feeding the goats
Our adorable 3


Anonymous Teacher Mary said...

They are adorable, you are 100% correct! Did you go to Underwood Farms in Moorpark? That is a great place this time of year. That flying machine (or whatever it's name is!) Jack was on looks like he had a great time. You are right Gabe does love the chickens. Tyler looks like he is having a whale of a good time on the goat walk! What a great time! Jerry and I will see you and the Person's for dinner on Monday, October 22nd! Lots of Love and Prayers!

5:02 PM, October 14, 2007


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