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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fire 2007
Geoff and I were up through the night last night listening to the 60 mph wind rushing through our backyard. Around 5:00am, there was a sudden electrical flash as this small mountain ("Rabbit Hill") a couple of blocks from our house went up in flame. These top two photos are of the kids playing outside today at 3:00pm, that color in the sky is the result of all the fires in the area. It's still very windy and almost 80 degrees.


Anonymous Teacher Mary said...

That must have been scary. I know that in Ventura on Sunday about 1:30pm the sky was totally black and ash rained down everywhere. The wind howled good and the channel was full of white water. My sister Sue and I got the master suite which had a balcony overlooking the ocean and we just left the French doors open on Friday and Saturday night and listened to the waves crash on the shore. I did not need my ear plugs due to the wave action. Lots of Love and Prayers!

1:25 PM, October 23, 2007


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