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Monday, January 08, 2007

We went ice-skating together on New Year's eve. It was fun. I did most of the work, since Jack and Gabe did a little less "skating" and a little more "hanging". See more hereLink


Blogger Ronda Jeanne said...

Cindy Lou!! What fun your family is!! And, YES, YES, YES!! I would LOVE to see you when I'm in SoCal! I arrive Jan 31 and depart Feb 4, so sometime in there let's get together!! I'll be occupied in evenings, but morning or early afternoon works Feb 1, 2 or 3... just let me know ([email protected]).

Can't wait to see ya'll!!
Ronda Lamb

10:11 PM, January 16, 2007

Anonymous buzz2of11 said...

I bet you guys had so much fun! It was great that they increased the size of the rink this year! Next year Gabe & Jack will probably do so much better!

11:36 AM, January 29, 2007


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