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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Science Fair 2008
Jack was part of a science fair for school a week or two ago. Here he is with his project. He built a volcano and showed that vinegar mixed with baking soda makes a bigger explosion than vinegar mixed with water.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A New Swimming Pool
Thank you, Grandpa Dick & Grandma Vera!!! (It's huge)

Monday, March 24, 2008

This doesn't have anything to do with Easter, but I thought it was cute.
It's Jack and Gabe having a little siesta outside in the shade last week.

Happy Easter 2008
Here are some fun shots of us, the Millikans, enjoying Easter in Pasadena. It was super hot and J-Ma & G-Pa's garden was beautiful.

Tyler with his egg hunting basket
Mommy & Tyler
Jack spots and egg & goes for it!
Gabe scored in the Camellia
Grandma "J" & Grandma "A" covered in silly string & confetti
J-Ma also got a good dose of silly string
Jack dumping confetti on Grandma "J"'s lap
Gabe taking a turn with Grandma "J"
A silly stringed Tyler
Three cute boys with their baskets
Our Easter Family Photo

Happy Easter 2008
These are some shots of us Millikans playing around in the backyard in Pasadena hunting for eggs and stuff...

Sitting By the Pool on Easter
This is a sweet shot of Tyler sitting with his Grandma Joyce (J-Ma) and two Great Grandmas, Barbara Jones (on swing) and Elizabeth Andresen (to Tyler's left). Three generations!Gabe having some iced tea
More time in the pool - they've just spied the snacks Grandpa brought out

Sunday, March 23, 2008

An Indoor Easter Egg Hunt
All on his own, Jack set up an Easter Egg Hunt for all of the guests at our Easter party. He was VERY proud of the success of his event, and for good reason, we had a blast finding the 50 or so eggs he and Gabe hid all around the house.Great Grandma Andresen with her spoils. She found a lot, but Geoff and I played as a team and "won" (no actual prize, Jack informed us) with a total of 11 eggs. Go team!
Geoff with Tyler - dressed in their Easter finery

Tyler having fun with his squirt bottle - I like the mischeivious expression on his face!
We giggled watching Tyler walk away carrying his basket all on his own, dropping bits of it here and there
A dinosaur the "Easter Bunny" - seen here in her jammies, put in Tyler's basket
Jack found his basket with G-Pa's help way up in a tree. He had to climb for it, which he LOVED
Gabe found his, too - in the mini forest of Redwood trees

Easter Morning
This is a shot of Jack & Gabe awaiting the "go ahead" to run outside and search for their Easter baskets. They are standing at the window having a "pre-look" until everyone was ready to go out together.
Easter morning. J-Ma, Jack & Gabe sitting together awaiting the big moment....going out to hunt for Easter baskets.

Other Fun Things We Did in Pasadena
J-Ma reading the boys a story before bed
Tyler having a treat after lunch
Gabe noticed that his after-lunch treat looked like an umbrella
Some time at the park (a huge park that is directly across the street from J-Ma & G-Pa's house)
Jack with Tyler
Daddy & Gabe on the aptly named Monkey Bars

Here's the pool part of our Easter weekend in Pasadena. It was HOT, HOT, HOT there so we were happy to have remembered that J-Ma & G-Pa have a blow-up pool stored away in the garage...what relief from the heat!

Tyler looking funny with the hose
The boys got a whirlpool going...Tyler thought it was hilarious, and G-Pa thought THAT was hilarious.
Jack-6, Gabe-4, Tyler-23 months
More whirlpool
The other fun activity was running and jumping in
This was Tyler right after his first "jump", which was more like a climb over the side of the pool and then a topple in (much colder than he expected, I think!)
Jack taking a jump
Three sweet boys
Gabe is waiting his turn in the background - I think it's funny the way he's standing.
Here's a shot of Tyler's "jump"
Wow, Gabe - that looks worth the wait!
Suddenly, they spot a bee on the side of the pool
The end...of the pool...for the day...